Richard is a respected Marlborough New Zealand based professional photographer. He specialises in commercial product photography, event photography, portraiture and fine art landscapes.

Richard offers high quality, professional photography to many Marlborough based businesses and clients ( see clients page).

Born in London in the late 1960′s, Richard grew up admiring photographers such as David Bailey and Brian Duffy. Later in life he discovered the work of William Eggleston and more recently, Ansel Adams and his early twentieth century landscapes.

From an early age, he found creativity a joy in Art and at the age of seven, decided he would one day become a professional pavement artist, on the streets of London. After all they were still paved with gold in those days. Although this desire to paint pavements never eventuated, Richard did discover a Russian Zenith camera at age 10, which gave him the creative outlet he so craved for and from then on, it was a framed world where creativity could be developed and enjoyed through the lens. In 2007 Richard decided it was time to turn his life long passion into a job and in 2008, he went pro!

Richard has also previously sold works as an abstract painter, was a rock singer throughout the 1980′s in London and worked for many years, in marketing in tht UK. He has lived in New Zealand with his half Kiwi, half English family since 2000.


Commercial Work:

As a commercial photographer, Richard shoots photography for advertising, marketing, e-commerce (websites) and for product catalogues. Photography that captures the attention of the viewer and connects with people’s emotions is what is most important to Richard. In advertising photography it’s essential.

Richard is driven by the idea that quality craftsmanship is everything he does. Each new and existing client can expect his best and that means delivering a value for money product of the highest quality that effectively showcases the clients product.

Having a small business structure and a high level of knowledge gained over 20 years, means Richard delivers a very competative service using creativity, innovation and business knowledge.