Valid from 14/12/2018

Normal hourly shoot rate – $95 per hour

  • Reduced rate of $85.00 per hour for bookings of over 4 hours of continuous shoot time.
  • Normal hourly shoot rate includes all commercial photography except Commercial Studio Photography which is priced at $150.00 per hour.

Daily shoot rate – 8 hours – $680.00 plus GST

Travel time rate – $45 per hour

Fuel rate / .88 cents per Km

Post editing rate –  $110 per hour

Admin rate (emailing, phone calls, planning, meetings) – $35.00 per hour

Usage licence fee – There isn’t one!!

  • All clients receive full ‘unlimited usage rights’ on all photographs supplied by RBPHOTO (not including Landscape & Stock images unless by prior agreement). Richard Briggs Photography trading as E I (2015) Limited retains copyright on all photographic work, unless purchased by arrangement.
  • Copyright transfer charged at $20 per image.


For an estimate of cost, email me at


Stock photo’s / individually commisioned photos – $99.00 plus GST each (incl: shoot time, post editing, travel withing 30 kms) 


NB: For multiple shoot jobs within 24 hours, the lower hourly rate applies.