Richard’s Service


Why choose Richard Briggs as your photographer?

  • Pro quality photography – With more than 20 years of photographic experience, Richard produces beautiful and vibrant photography.
  • Pro quality files – Richard uses professional full frame Nikon D800’s and 810’s to shoot. The image quality is outstanding.
  • Best price – More experience means less post work and his no hidden fees or licencing per image, means less cost to Richard’s clients ( It’s not the hourly rate that adds up it’s the time spent producing photography that costs the client).
  • Quality customer care – Because Richard treats his clients as he expects to be treated, when he’s spending his hard earned money, his clients receive a more personal, friendly, customer focused service.
  • Marketing knowledge – Richard has experience in product marketing and advertising.
  • A Free 30 minute pre shoot consultation at your home or business if you need it.


Booking – Richard Briggs Photographer

1. Contact Richard by phone 027 727 6218 or by email

2. Briefing Richard – advising him of your needs – This is important as it allows Richard to understand exactly what you or your business needs photographically. If you have briefed a photographer before then go for it but if you need help, Richard will happily pop in to see you and discuss your product and your photographic needs. Richard has a background in marketing, so he can help you if this is new to you. Richard offers a free 30 minute consultation to all of his clients, if they need it.

3. Set a shoot time / day. Weather dependent may apply!

4. Richard shoots your photo’s on site or in his studio.

5. Richard edits your photographs to your style and requirement ( as agreed in the brief ) and sizes them for print, website and other platforms if required.

6. Richard creates a dropbox file for you and places the files in the shared dropbox file, along with an invoice.